20 Highest Mountains in Switzerland

Switzerland is the country situated in the Western and Central Europe. Pennine Alps range consist most of the highest mountains in Switzerland, 14 of 20 highest mountains lies in the Pennine Alps range in Valais canton. 20 mountains listed below are higher than 4000 meters. Many of the mountains in Switzerland are located in Valais and Bern canton which is home to mountains above 4000 meters. Monte Rosa is the highest mountain in Switzerland at the height of 4,634 meters above sea level with a prominence of 2,165 meters. Not big different between the height of each mountain considering many mountains higher above 4000 meters.

20. Piz Bernina

Piz Bernina

Photo by Daniel Peter via Flickr

Height / Prominence: 4049 / 2234 meters
First Ascent: 1850
Location: Graubünden, Switzerland (massif partially in Italy)

19. Ober Gabelhorn

Ober Gabelhorn

Photo by Torsten Klein via Flickr

Height / Prominence: 4063 / 536 meters
First Ascent: 1865
Location: Valais, Switzerland

18. Schreckhorn


Photo by juerg meier via Flickr

Height / Prominence: 4078 / 792 meters
First Ascent: 1861
Location: Bern Switzerland

17. Monch


Photo by mountaintop1 via Flickr

Height / Prominence: 4107 / 584 meters
First Ascent: 1857
Location: Bern/Valais, Switzerland

16. Jungfrau


Photo by Bronco Oostermeyer via Flickr

Height / Prominence: 4158 / 687 meters
First Ascent: 1811
Location: Bern/Valais, Switzerland

15. Breithorn


Photo by guido via Flickr

Height / Prominence: 4164 / 439 meters
First Ascent: 1813
Location: Valais, Switzerland

14. Dent d’Herens

Dent d'Herens

Photo by Francesco De Marchi via Flickr

Height / Prominence: 4174 / 701 meters
First Ascent: 1863
Location: Valais, Switzerland

13. Strahlhorn


Photo by CH13 via Flickr

Height / Prominence: 4190 / 401 meters
First Ascent: 1854
Location: Valais, Switzerland

12. Aletschhorn


Photo by Björn S… via Flickr

Height / Prominence: 4193 / 1029 meters
First Ascent: 1859
Location: Valais, Switzerland

11. Rimpfischhorn


Photo by Björn S… via Flickr

Height / Prominence: 4199 / 642 meters
First Ascent: 1859
Location: Valais, Switzerland

10. Alphubel


Photo by CH13 via Flickr

Alphubel mountain is lies between the valleys in Pennine Alps, Switzerland, climbed first time in 1860. Its parent peak is Dom with the isolation of 1.9 km.

Height / Prominence: 4206 / 359 meters
First Ascent: 1860
Location: Valais, Switzerland

9. Zinalrothorn


Photo by jemappelleguillaume via Flickr

Zinalrothorn mountain situated in the Pennine Alps. It is first climbed in 1864 by Leslie Stephen and Melshior Anderegg. Its parent peak is Weisshom, and the prominence is 490 meters.

Height / Prominence: 4221 / 490 meters
First Ascent: 1864
Location: Valais, Switzerland

8. Finsteraarhorn


Photo by Pierre via Flickr

Finsteraarhorn, a mountain in the Bernese Alps and also highest in the Alps. It is in a remote location, the mountain is pyramid shaped and visible clearly from a great distance. Its parent peak is Mont Blanc.

Height / Prominence: 4274 / 2280 meters
First Ascent: 1829
Location: Bern/Valais, Switzerland

7. Grand Combin

Grand Combin

Photo by Stefano via Flickr

Grand Combin is listed in Ultra prominent peak, located in the Pennine Alps. It is one of the highest peaks by prominence, Monte Rosa is the parent peak to the Grand Combin.

Height / Prominence: 4314 / 1517 meters
First Ascent: 1859
Location: Valais, Switzerland

6. Dent Blanche

Dent Blanc

Photo by Vincent FAVRE via Flickr

Dent Blance is the leis in Pennine Alps, Matterhorn is just 7.2 km far from Dent Blance Mountain. It has four ridges and looks like almost pyramid shape. Dent Blance is famous place for Adventurers and it is visible from long distance.
Height / Prominence: 4357 / 915 meters
First Ascent: 1862
Location: Valais, Switzerland

5. Matterhorn


Photo by ashokboghani via Flickr

Matternhorn, also called as Monte Cervino is the mountain located between Switzerland and Italy. This mountain in the shape of Pyramid, the summit is visible from far. Matterhorn is separate from other peaks and could identify easily.

Height / Prominence: 4478 / 1042 meters
First Ascent: 1865
Location: Valais, Switzerland

4. Weisshorn


Photo by Björn S… via Flickr

Weisshorn is located in the Valais, and part of the Pennine Alps. It is isolated 11 km from Dom mountain and is the parent mountain of Monte Rosa. It is beautiful with an ice cap on top of the mountain throughout the year.

Height / Prominence: 4506 / 1235 meters
First Ascent: 1861
Location: Valais, Switzerland

3. Lyskamm


Photo by vikingo via Flickr

Lyskamm is the mountains in the Pennine Alps, located on the border between Italy and Switzerland. It is also known as Silerbast. Lyskamm is just 3 km isolation from Zumsteinspitze (one of the peaks of Monte Rosa).

Height / Prominence: 4527 / 376 meters
First Ascent: 1861
Location: Aosta Valley and Valais, Italy and Switzerland

2. Dom

Dom Mountain

Photo by Johnw Via Wikipedia

Dom Mountain located in the canton of Valais, second highest peak in Switzerland and the entire mountain massif lying in the Switzerland.

Height / Prominence: 4545 / 1046 meters
First Ascent: 1858
Location: Valais, Switzerland

1. Monte Rosa (Dufourspitze)

Monte Rosa

Photo by Nadia Kushnir Via Panoramio

Monte Rosa is the highest point in Switzerland and Dufourspitze is the highest peak of Monte Rosa, located between Switzerland and Italy. It is mountain massif covered by ice. Its native names are Dufourspitze, Hochste Spitze, and Gornerhorn.
Height / Prominence: 4634 / 2165 meters
First Ascent: 1855
Location: Canton of Valais, Switzerland

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