20 Highest Railways in Europe

Europe is a popular destination for the beautiful train journey and scenic routes. Usually, in Europe, the train runs through valleys, beautiful villages, towns, and bridges with impressive architecture. Utmost…

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Highest & Lowest Attainable Transportation in Europe

Europe comprises numerous mountain ranges and majestic geographical features. The construction of transportation at high altitude is very tough and it will take a triple time to complete. Klein Matterhorn…

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20 Largest Lakes in Europe

There are thousands of lakes in the European region located in different places. The icy mountains and valleys are the birthplaces for many lakes, with different size and depth. Lake…

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20 Tallest Buildings in Europe

Hundreds of the tallest buildings can be found in Europe, a few major cities in Europe had skyscrapers decades ago.  Hundreds of high-rise buildings and skyscrapers are under construction in…

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50 Countries of Europe and their Capital Cities

Practically, all countries need a capital city for administration purpose. States, Provinces and other Administrative regions also need capital cities. In Europe, many of the countries whose capital is their…

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20 Highest Mountains in Austria

Austria's mountains are popular tourist destinations. Here, local visitors prefer mountains for recreation activity including skiing, hiking, and climbing. Austria has many mountains, most of them are above 2,000 meters.…