10 Countries by Strongest Economy in 2050

There are many countries in the World contains largest to smallest by area or Population, anyway the economy does not rely on both area and population, it depend on Exports of Products and Services in any sector, and improvements in technology and science related developments, many developing and undeveloped countries fighting to make their country stronger in economy. China is the country with the highest population and large land, is moving much faster in an economy and as an estimate, it will gain No.1 position by 2050 surpassing the United States.

Estimated GDP Chart by 2050

10. Germany

Germany has a highly skilled labor force with the low level of corruption, high level of innovation and many notable multinational companies are headquartered in Germany, well known international brands include BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Audi, Siemens, Allianz, Porsche, and Adidas.

GDP in 2015: 3.371 trillion
GDP on 2050 estimate: $6.338 trillion

9. Nigeria

Nigeria already reached lower middle-income status, and classified as mixed economy emerging market, the prime source of income include Oil, Mining (Natural gas, coal, tantalite, gold, iron ore), manufacturing (Trucks, SUV’s, RT Buses, plastics and processed foods).

GDP in 2015: 573.652 billion
GDP on 2050 estimate: $6.354 trillion

8. Russia

Russia is the largest country by Area, has 6th largest purchasing power parity with $3.473 trillion estimates of 2015. Russia gets income mainly from Agriculture, Energy, Science and Technology and Space Exploration.

GDP in 2015: 1.235 trillion
GDP on 2050 estimate: $6.610 trillion

7. Mexico

Mexico is the country in North Americas, has the 11th largest Purchasing power parity with $2.2 trillion in the year 2015, Mexico produces the most automobiles of any North America nation, other than Communications, Energy, Science and Technology, and Tourism are the main source of income.

GDP in 2015: $1.232 trillion
GDP on 2050 estimate: $7.087 trillion

6. Japan

A small country with high improvements in science and technology, that’s why this country became one of the strongest economically developed. Japan is the origin of many vehicles and robotics manufacturers including Honda, Suzuki, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Kawasaki, Subaru, Isuzu, and Yamaha.

GDP in 2015: 4.210 trillion
GDP on 2050 estimate: $7.914 trillion

5. Brazil

Presently the country Brazil has the fair economy, the GDP per capita growing, is the largest producer of Coffee for last 150 years, and a major exporter. Corruption is the main black mark to the country, it costs around $40 billion a year alone.

GDP in 2015: 1.799 trillion
GDP on 2050 estimate: $8.534 trillion

4. Indonesia

Private and Government play significant roles in the economy, and according to WTO, Indonesia was the 27th biggest exporting country in the world. Indonesia imports products to many major countries and has extensive natural resources. As per the estimation, Indonesia will be the 4th strongest country in the economy by 2050.

GDP in 2015: 895.677 billion
GDP on 2050 estimate: $8.742 trillion

3. India

A second populous country and developing the country, more than half percent of the country facing poverty, caused by high corruption by Politicians and Government officials, including mafia on money flowing sectors. It is believed to achieve $27.9 trillion by 2050 on the economy, but it is hard to prevent the poverty if the corruption continues.

GDP in 2015: 2.048 trillion
GDP on 2050 estimate: $27.937 trillion

2. United States

Presently the Richest country by total GDP, with $17.419 trillion is the No 1 in the world, and it would remain top in the list of the strongest economy, the support from the government for the private sector is strong and perfect.

GDP in 2014: 17.419 trillion
GDP on 2050 estimate: $41.384 trillion

1. China

China is the highest populated country and one of the largest by area, is the leading supplier of many products, the labor force, Investments and proper development from the government results in good economic growth in China.

GDP in 2015: $11.212 trillion
GDP on 2050 estimate: $53.553 trillion

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