10 Deepest Points in the ocean on Earth

Deepest Points located in the different part of the oceans on earth, the deepest are explored and still exploring by the explorer, there might be unknown or unexplored deepest point exist on earth than Mariana trench the deepest point on earth. Oceanic trenches in the ocean are long but narrow topographic depressions on the sea floor the deepest parts of the ocean floor. The Pacific Ocean has around 50,000km of convergent plate margins and most of the deepest point located around this place. Geographical activities created deep trenches beneath the ocean that thousands of feet in depth which could part of the deepest point. The Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean are the deepest oceans that holds all 10 deepest points on earth.

Map of 10 deepest point on earth

10. Atacama Trench

The Atacama trench is also known as the Peru-Chile Trench is approximately 5,900km long with a mean width of 64km and covered some 590,000 km2. The trench is a result of a convergent boundary, defines the boundary between the subducting Nazca Plate and the South American Plate.

Maximum depth: 8,065 meters

Location: Eastern Pacific Ocean, about 160 km off the coast of Peru and Chile.

9. South Sandwich Trench

A deep arcuate trench in the South Atlantic Ocean that is created by subduction and is the deepest trench in the Southern Atlantic Ocean. The South Sandwich islands near the trench constitute a volcanic island arc which results from the active volcano of Mount Belinda and Montagu Island.

Maximum depth: 8,428 meters

Location: 55°40’S, 025°55’W, 122km northeast of Zavodovski Island

8. Puerto Rico Trench

The trench located on the boundary between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. The zone is earthquake occurring and could generate a significant tsunami. The trench is 800km long and deepest point spotted at Milwaukee Deep, and also deepest point in the Atlantic Ocean.

Maximum depth: 8,648 meters

Location: Between Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean

7. Japan Trench

It is part of the Pacific Ring of Fire lie on the northern Pacific Ocean off northeast Japan, the trench believed created when the oceanic pacific plate subducts beneath the continental Okhotsk Plate. The tsunamis and earthquakes are the causes that continuing movement on the subduction zone with the Japan Trench.

Maximum depth: 9,000 meters

Location: between Kuril Islands and Bonin Islands, northern japan, Pacific Ocean

6. Izu-Ogasawara Trench

It is lying in the western Pacific Ocean stretched from Japan to the north and also the extended of the Japan Trench, the Pacific plate being subduction below the Philippine Sea plate which created the Izu islands and Bonin Islands with the deepest point.

Maximum depth: 9,780 meters

Location: South of Japan, Western Pacific Ocean.

5. Kermadec Trench

It is created by the subduction of the Pacific plate under the Indo-Australian Plate, with thousands of kilometer parallel with the island arc and it noted for its very abrupt slope. The trench first descents have been in 2012 by Deep-sea researchers and discovered new species of giant amphipod.

Maximum depth: 10,047 meters

Location: South of Japan, Western Pacific Ocean.

4. Kuril–Kamchatka Trench

Also known as the Kuril trench formed as a result of the late Cretaceous that created a Kuril island arc and the volcanic arc. The zone is the major earthquake occurred in the recent decades, lies off the southeast coast of Kamchatka.

Maximum depth: 10,500 meters

Location: Off the southeast coast of Kamchatka, northwest Pacific Ocean.

3. Philippine Trench

The Philippine trench’s deepest point named the Galathea Depth the 3rd deepest in the world, spreads in length of 1,320km and 30km wide lies in the east of the Philippines. This is created by the collision of tectonic plates and the Philippine Sea is subducting under the Philippine Mobile belt at 16cm per year.

Maximum depth: 10,540 meters

Location: Northern Maluku island of Halmahera in Indonesia.

2. Tonga Trench

The trench is standing alone in the South Pacific Ocean, the depth known as the Horizon Deep, is the 2nd deepest point on earth lies at the northern end of the Kermadec Tonga Subduction Zone. The tonga leads north-northeast from the Kermadec islands north of the North Island of New Zealand.

Maximum depth: 10,882 meters

Location: 4500 from center of Australia, South Pacific Ocean.

1. Mariana Trench

The deepest point on the planet with the depth of 11.03 kilometers below sea level and lies in the western Pacific Ocean, about 2,550km in length and an average width of 69km. The earth is radius although not a perfect sphere which 25 km less at the poles than at the equator, so the Mariana trench is not closest point to the center of the Earth, the Arctic ocean seabed are around 13 km closer to the center of the earth.

Maximum depth: 11,033 meters

Location: Western Pacific Ocean, east of the Mariana Islands