11 World’s Advanced Military Attack helicopters

An attack helicopter is owned by the military with the primary aim of attack for missions, the Advanced Helicopters are the recent development the weapons with computer controlled devices, the helicopter can include Autocannons, Rockets, Machine guns, missiles, and other attack systems. The Attack helicopter with more speed and firepower than current armed helicopters is required to operate in high altitude places and support ground troops. The Advanced Military Attack Helicopters mostly for the purpose of self-defense such as direct and close air support for ground troops and to destroy enemy armor absorptions. The Countries including United States, China, India, Russia, European Union has developed Advanced Attack Helicopters with their own technology.

11. Bell AH-1 Cobra

Bell Helicopter developed and manufactured many Attack helicopters Bell AH-1 Cobra one of them, on 7 September 1965 it took its first flight. It cost very low $11.3 million comparing to other attack helicopters, but the performance lower than other advanced helicopters today. This aircraft used by many countries air forces. The production of the helicopter is continued from 1967 till today, over 1,116 Bell AH-1 Cobra built and still on production.

Maximum speed: 230 km/h
Range: 570 km
Ceiling (altitude): 3,500 m
National origin: United States


10. Eurocopter Tiger

The countries France, Germany and Spain are the origin of the helicopter that why named Eurocopter shortly, the helicopter first flight happened in 1991 and used by French Army, Australian Army, German Army and Spanish Army. The single helicopter cost 27 to 35 million Euros and the total program cost 14.5 billion Euros. Total 206 aircraft built as on 2012, has variants including UH Tiger, Tiger HAP, Tiger HAD, and Tiger ARH.

Maximum speed: 290 km/h
Range: 800 km
Ceiling (altitude): 4,000 m
National origin: France/Germany/Spain


9. Agusta A129 Mangusta

It designed and produced by Agusta and developed by AgustaWestland, utilized by Italian Army and around 60 of them built from 1983 (also first flight in 1983). The aircraft cost $22 million dollars, and has expanded market in export around European countries. Agusta is one the low weight helicopter weighing 2,500 kg after HAL LCH helicopter of India (2,250 kg).

Maximum speed: 280 km/h
Range: 510 km
Ceiling (altitude): 4,700 m
National origin: Italy


8. Kamov Ka-50

This is the Russian made attack and scout helicopter presently used by Russian Air Force which took first flight in 1982, the single unit cost $16 million dollar to build. One crew can mean pilot will operate the whole helicopter, specially built for fight that all attack systems including Guns(1x 30 mm Shipunov 2A42 cannon with 460 rounds total), Rockets (80x 80mm S-8 Rockets and 20x 122mm S-13 rockets), Missiles (2x APU-6 Missile racks), Bombs (4x 250 kg bombs), 23mm gun pods, external fuel tanks.

Maximum speed: 315 km/h
Range: 550 km
Ceiling (altitude): 5,500 m
National origin: Russia


7. TAI/AW T-129

The attack helicopter model developed by Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI), still under testing and training for pilots, only 6 prototypes built and 60 on order, the project of this attack helicopter costing 3.2 billion dollars, will be used by Turkish Army and also being offered to other air forces. The helicopter is designed to adjust in hot and high altitude environments. This helicopter is with High-tech avionics and weapon systems with upgraded transmissions, rotor blades, and engine.

Maximum speed: 315 km/h
Range: 561 km
Ceiling (altitude): 6,096 m
National origin: Italy/Turkey


6. Denel AH-2 Rooivalk

A South African made attack helicopter manufactured by Denel, there is 12 built and presently utilized by South African Air Force the single unit cost 40 million dollars. It weighting 5,730 kg without loads or crew, and has 1x 20 mm cannon, 16x ATGM, 4x air to air missiles, 76x 70 mm rockets. The first flight took place on 15 January 1990 and one of the best Attack Helicopter ever made.

Maximum speed: 300 km/h
Range: 800 km
Ceiling (altitude): 6,400 m
National origin: South Africa


5. CAIC Z-10

A China made attack helicopter manufactured and developed by Changhe Aircraft Industries Corporation (CAIC), and designed by Wu Ximing. The first flight took place on 29 April 2003 primarily used by People’s Liberation Army, there are around 60 built till 2013. The empty weight is 5,540 kg with maximum takeoff weight of over 7000 kg, the performance is awesome with armament of Guns (23 mm auto cannon), hard points, Rockets (57 mm, 90 mm multi-barrel), Missiles (up to 36 missiles including air-to-air).

Maximum speed: 300 km/h
Range: 800 km
Ceiling (altitude): 6,400 m
National origin: China


4. HAL Light Combat Helicopter

The HAL LCH developed by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), first produced in 2010, only 3 built so far primary users are Indian Army and Indian Air force. The Combat Helicopter has 65 order from Indian Air force and 114 from Indian Army. The LCH designed with M621 Cannon, 4x Rockets, 4X Missiles and 4x Bombs.

Maximum speed: 330 km/h
Range: 700 km
Ceiling (altitude): 6,500 m
National origin: India


3. Bell AH-1Z Viper

The Viper is origin of United States which manufactured from Bell Helicopter and first flight went on December 2000, introduction in September 2010. The Bell AH-1Z Viper still in Service and Production, approximately 28 units are built and used in United States Marine Corps. The Single Helicopter costs around 27 to 31 million dollars, it can carry 2 crew and with Machine gun, Rockets and Missiles both side of the wings.

Maximum speed: 410 km/h
Range: 690 km
Ceiling (altitude): 6,100 m
National origin: Unite States


2. Mil Mi-24

This is a Russian Mil Mi version of attack helicopter with transport capabilities, the models including export version of Mi25 and Mi-35, the first flight in 19 September 1969 and one of the powerful attack helicopter made in 1960’s, built around 2,300 Mi-24 from 1969 to present and presently in service with primary user of Russian Air force and 50 other countries Air forces. The Mi-24 used in several wars and still is one of the successful Helicopters used by many countries Air forces. It can handle 3 crew and capable of carrying 8 troops.

Maximum speed: 335 km/h
Range: 450 km
Ceiling (altitude): 4,900 m
National origin: Soviet Union


1. AgustaWestland Apache

It is Manufactured from Westland Helicopters and developed from Boeing, the Helicopter Cost 35 million pounds, 67 were built and that in service today. Army Air Corps are the primary user of Apache. The nations of origin of the AgustsWestland are the United States and the United Kingdom, the empty weight is 5,165 kg with the maximum takeoff weight of 9,525 kg. It can carry 2 crew including Armament such Guns (1156 rounds), Missiles (Hellfire) and Rockets. It does not exceed the speed of 365 km/h, Cruise speed 259 km/h with climbing power of 2,500 ft/minutes it can reach up to 21,000 ft in altitude.

Maximum speed: 300 km/h
Range: 537 km
Ceiling (altitude): 6,400 m
National origin: United States, United Kingdom