15 Africa’s Largest Cities – Top Metropolitan Areas

Africa is a huge continent with dozens of countries, many of which include well-known and fast growing cities. Many countries have highly populated cities, which are increasing their economic output and encouraging people to live in cities. Many African nations are poor or developing.

Lagos, with a population of over 21 million people, is Africa’s largest metropolis, according to the United Nations World Urbanization Prospects report. The following is a list of Africa’s most populous cities and metropolitan regions.

15. Kano

Kano is the capital of the Kano Emirates and the second-largest city in Nigeria. Kano is a city where Hausa is widely spoken.

Urban Population: 9,383,682
Country: Nigeria
Area: 499 km2

Largest Cities in Africa - Kano

14. Nairobi

The city was built by the British in 1899 and is now Kenya’s largest and capital city, as well as the most populous city in East Africa.

Urban Population: 3,500,000
Country: Kenya
Area: 696 km2

Largest Cities in Africa - Nairobi

13. Accra

Ghana’s largest and capital city, it extends along the country’s Atlantic coast and north into the interior.

Urban Population: 3,575,000
Country: Ghana
Area: 894 km2

Largest Cities in Africa - Accra

12. Durban

Durban is the biggest city in the KwaZulu-Natal region and South Africa’s most important industrial hub, with a population of 51 percent black Africans and 24 percent Asians. Durban’s major languages are English and Zulu.

Urban Population: 3,650,000
Country: South Africa
Area: 2,292 km2

Largest Cities in Africa - Durban

11. Cape Town

Cape Town is a city and seaport in South Africa, as well as the provincial capital of the Western Cape province. The city is located near the northern end of the Cape Peninsula.

Urban Population: 3,775,000
Country: South Africa
Area: 2,445 km2

Largest Cities in Africa - Cape Town

10. Casablanca

Casablanca is Africa’s largest and most important city, as well as Morocco’s largest city, located on the Atlantic Ocean and serving as the country’s primary port and industrial hub.

Urban Population: 3,975,000
Country: Morocco
Area: 386 km2

Largest Cities in Africa - Casablanca

9. Abidjan

Abidjan is the capital of the Ivory Coast and the world’s third-largest French-speaking metropolis, behind Paris and Kinshasa.

Urban Population: 4,400,000
Country: Ivory Coast
Area: 2,119 km2

Largest Cities in Africa - Abidjan

8. Alexandria

With a total area of 2,679 km2 and an elevation of 16 feet above sea level, it is Egypt’s second-largest metropolis. Alexandria lies in Egypt’s north-central area, around 32 kilometers from the Mediterranean Sea.

Urban Population: 4,575,000
Country: Egypt
Area: 2,679 km2

Largest Cities in Africa - Alexandria

7. Dar es Salaam

It is Tanzania’s biggest city, with a total area of 1,590 km2, and is located on a rocky shoreline on Africa’s eastern coast, having sandy beaches in a few spots.

Urban Population: 4,700,000
Country: Tanzania
Area: 1,590 km2

Largest Cities in Africa - Dar es Salaam

6. Khartoum-Omdurman

Omdurman is the largest of Sudan’s combined cities, with Khartoum coming in second. Both towns are located at the confluence of the White and Blue Niles. It has a hot desert climate with an annual rainfall of 155 millimeters.

Urban Population: 4,975,000
Country: Sudan

Largest Cities in Africa - Khartoum-Omdurman

5. Mogadishu

It is Somalia’s biggest and capital city, and it is home to numerous important national institutions and political activities. It is situated on the Indian Ocean’s Banaadir coast. Mogadishu has a warmer climate than the rest of the nation, and the city covers a large area of desert.

Urban Population: 5,845,000
Country: Somalia
Area: 1,657 km2

Largest Cities in Africa - Mogadishu

4. Greater Johannesburg

Gauteng is the provincial capital of Gauteng and the 4th city in Africa, with a city area of roughly 334 km2. It is South Africa’s largest metropolis and Africa’s wealthiest and most modern city.

Urban Population: 7,550,000
Country: South Africa
Area: 1,644.96 km2

Largest Cities in Africa - Johannesburg

3. Kinshasa-Brazzaville

Kinshasa, the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s capital and largest city, and Brazzaville, the Republic of the Congo’s largest city, are both located on the Congo River and have a combined population of roughly 11 million people.

Urban Population: 11,300,000
Country: The Democratic Republic of the Congo, Republic of the Congo
Area: 583 km2 /263.9 km2

Largest Cities in Africa - Kinshasa-Brazzaville

2. Cairo

Cairo is Egypt’s capital and the world’s 16th largest city, covering 453 km2 (City), 6,640 km2 (Urban), and 86,369 km2 (Urban) (Metro). The city has a population of around 9 million people, the metro area has a population of 19 million people, with a population density of 17,190 people per square kilometer.

Urban Population: 15,200,000
Country: Egypt
Area: 6,640 km2

Largest Cities in Africa - Cairo

1. Lagos

The city is located in Nigeria’s Lagos state and is one of Africa’s fastest-growing cities, with a population of 21 million according to the most recent estimate.

Urban Population: 21,000,000
Country: Nigeria
Area: 999.6 km2

Largest Cities in Africa - Lagos