15 Asia’s longest Rivers – Rivers by length

The river’s tributaries extend the main river and measuring it is challenging since it includes several sub-rivers. Asia is consists of several large nations with spectacular landscapes, high altitudes, and cold climates. The lengths of the majority of the rivers given are merely estimations, and the longest rivers are still a source of contention. The major sources of Asia’s rivers are the icy mountains, rainfall, and streams. Thousands of rivers pour into the ocean, the majority of which originate in Asian countries such as India, China, and Russia. The Yangtze is Asia’s longest river, with a length of 6,300 km and a drainage area of around 1.8 km² before joining the Yellow River.

15. Ganges–Hooghly–Padma

The Ganges is the primary river that flows into the Ganges Delta in the Bay of Bengal, while the Hooghly and Padma are smaller rivers that join the Ganges. The Gangotri Glacier is its water source, and it has several cities along its banks.

Length: 2,620 km
Outflow: Bay of Bengal
Countries: India, Bangladesh, Nepal, China

14. Vilyuy

The Vilyuy River flows throughout Russia before joining the sea at Lena, draining 454,000 square kilometers and releasing 1,480 cubic meters of water every second.

Length: 2,650 km
Outflow: Lena
Countries: Russia

longest Rivers in Asia - Vilyuy River

13. Brahmaputra–Tsangpo

The Tsangpo River flows into the Brahmaputra River, which originates in the Chemayungdung Glacier in Tibet’s Himalayas. The discharge volume of both rivers is 19,300 m3/s, and the drainage area is 1,730,000 square kilometers.

Length: 2,948 km
Outflow: Ganges
Countries: India (58.0%), China (19.7%), Nepal (9.0%), Bangladesh (6.6%), Disputed India/China (4.2%), Bhutan (2.4%)

longest Rivers in Asia - Brahmaputra–Tsangpo

12. Lower Tunguska

With a drainage area of 473,000 hectares and a water flow of 3,600 m3/s at the Yenisei, the entire river passes within Russia. It is the major source of water and originates in the middle Siberian Plateau.

Length: 2,989 km
Outflow: Yenisei
Countries: Russia

longest Rivers in Asia - Lower Tunguska

11. Salween

The Salween River flows through China and Myanmar, with a short stretch in Thailand, before joining the Andaman Sea. With a water discharge of 3,153 m3/s, the drainage area is 324,000 square kilometers.

Length: 3,060 km
Outflow: Andaman Sea
Countries: China (52.4%), Myanmar (43.9%), Thailand (3.7%)

longest Rivers in Asia - Salween River

10. Syr Darya – Naryn

The Aral Sea is the mouth of the Syr Darya River – Naryn, which has a drainage area of 219,000 square kilometers and a discharge rate into the sea of 703 cubic meters per second.

Length: 3,078 km
Outflow: Aral Sea
Countries: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan

longest Rivers in Asia - Syr Darya – Naryn

9. Indus

The Indus River flows through Karachi, Peshawar, Rawalpindi, Gilgit, Jamshoro, Thatta, Attock, and Mithankot. It starts in Tibet and Northern India and flows through towns such as Karachi, Peshawar, Rawalpindi, Gilgit, Jamshoro, Thatta, Attock, and Mithankot.

Length: 3,180 km
Outflow: Arabian Sea
Countries: Pakistan (93%), India, China

longest Rivers in Asia - Indus River

8. Shatt al-Arab – Euphrates

The Euphrates River merges with the Shatt al-Arab River, a major waterway for Iraq, Turkey, and Syria. Both rivers have a discharge rate of 853 cubic meters per second and drain an area of 884,000 km2.

Length: 3,596 km
Outflow: Persian Gulf
Countries: Iraq (60.5%), Turkey (24.8%), Syria (14.7%)

longest Rivers in Asia - Shatt al-Arab – Euphrates

7. Mekong

It is Asia’s seventh and the world’s 12th longest river, draining an area of around 810,000 km2 and discharging 16,000 cubic meters of water every second.

Length: 4,350 km
Outflow: South China Sea
Countries: China, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam

longest Rivers in Asia - Mekong River

6. Lena

The Baikal Mountains provide water to the Lena River, which runs through Yakutsk, Irkutsk, Ust-Kut, Lensk, Kirensk, Olyokminsk, and Pokrovsk. It has a basin area of 2,500,000 km2 and releases roughly 16,870 m3/s of water.

Length: 4,400 km
Outflow: Laptev Sea
Countries: Russia

longest Rivers in Asia - lena River

5. Amur–Argun

The Argun River meets the Amur River and has a total drainage area of 1,855,000 km2 with a discharge of 11,400 m3/s.

Length: 4,444 km
Outflow: Sea of Okhotsk
Countries: Russia, China, Mongolia

4. Ob–Irtysh

The Irtysh River joins the Ob River and flows through four nations, discharging an average of 12,800 m3/s of water and covering a drainage area of 2,990,000 km2.

Length: 5,410 km
Outflow: Gulf of Ob
Countries: Russia, Kazakhstan, China, Mongolia

Image Source: Wikipedia

3. Yellow River

The Yellow River, which runs fully through China and is Asia’s third-longest, begins at 4,800 meters in the Bayan Har Mountains.

Length: 5,464 km
Outflow: Bohai Sea
Countries: China

Image Source: Wikipedia

2. Yenisei–Angara–Selenge

The Yenisei, Angara, and Selenge rivers all flow in the same direction and have a combined length of about 5,000 km and a drainage area of 2,580,000 km2.

Length: 5,539 km
Outflow: Kara Sea
Countries: Russia (97%), Mongolia (2.9%)

Image Source: Wikipedia

1. Yangtze

The Yangzi, also known as Chang Jiang or Yangzi, is Asia’s longest river and the world’s third-longest, with a discharge volume of around 31,900 cubic meters per second, making it one of the world’s biggest rivers.

Length: 6,300 km
Outflow: East China Sea
Countries: China

Image Source: Wikipedia