15 Largest Continental Lakes in Canada

North America consists hundreds of lakes and Canada has most of the largest and notable lakes in the world, the largest lake in the world Superior is in it, the surface area took here to rank the largest continental lakes in Canada. Several largest lakes in Canada on the border of United States which lies some or more part of the lakes in the United States.

15. Dubawnt

Dubawnt, the lake located in the province of Nunavut at the height of 236m, Dubawnt River is the main inflow and outflow, it has several islands covered with ice.

Province/Territory: Nunavut

Area (km²): 3,833


14. Lake of the Woods

Lake of woods is lie on the province of Ontario and Manitoba in Canada and ¼ of surface in United States, there are many tiny islands in the lake. It is 110 meter long, 95 km wide and 10.6 meter deep, Rainy River, Shoal Lake and Kakagi Lake are the primary inflows as WInnipeg River is the main Outflow.

Province/Territory: Ontario

Area (km²): 4,350


13. Manitoba

The lake lies at 248 meters above sea level, is 225 km long, 45 km wide and maximum of 7 meter deep. The lake located southern of Manitoba, its primary outflow Fairford River and Primary inflow Waterhern River, Whitemed River.

Province/Territory: Manitoba

Area (km²): 4,706


12. Nipigon

The lake is entirely in Canada and is 116 km long, 80 km wide and 165 meters deep lie at 320 meter elevation. Nipigon lake also described as the sixth great lake.

Province/Territory: Ontario

Area (km²):4,843


11. Nettilling

Nettilling, located on Baffin Island and largest lake on an island, is 113 km long and 132 meters deep and lie at 30 meter in elevation.

Province/Territory: Nunavut

Area (km²): 5,066


10. Winnipegosis

Winnipegosis Lake is 245 km long, 51 km wide and 18 meter deep maximum at the elevation of 254 meters, Waterhen River is the main outflow.

Province/Territory: Manitoba

Area (km²): 5,403


9. Reindeer Lake

Reindeer, the lake lie at elevation of 227 meter, maximum length 233 km and 337 meter deep. It is Second largest lake in Saskatchewan province.


Area (km²): 6,330


8. Athabasca

Athabasca is entirely in the country of Canada, at 213 meter elevation. It is 335 km long and 243 meter deep, located in northwest of Saskatchewan and northeast Alberta. Athabasca River, Fond du Lac River, Peace River are the main inflow source of Athabasca lake.

Province/Territory: Alta/Sask

Area (km²): 7,920


7. Ontario

Ontario around 10,000 sq km of the lake lie in Canada and rest of the part in United states. It is 311 km in length and 85 km in width and at 244 meter depth it holds 1,639 cubic km of water.

Province/Territory: Ontario

Area (km²): 19,477


6. Winnipeg

Lake Winnipeg is 425 km long and just 36 meters deep at some places, it lie at 217 m in elevation, with 283 cubic kilometers of water volume and is the largest lake in Manitoba.

Province/Territory: Manitoba

Area (km²):23,553


5. Erie

Only half of the Lake Erie lies in Canada and half in United states, the lake 388 km in long and 92 km wide. Lake Erie is 64 meters deep with elevation of 173.3 meters

Province/Territory: Ontario

Area (km²): 25,719


4. Great Slave Lake

Tenth largest lake in the world fourth in Canada at elevation of 156 meters, it is 480 km long and 614 meters in depth, Great slave is the deepest lake in North America.

Province/Territory: NWT (Northwest Territories)

Area (km²): 28,930


3. Great Bear Lake

At the elevation of 156 meters the lake eight largest in the world, is 320 km in length and 175 km in width, the deepest point is at 413 meters. Great Bear Lake is the largest lake entirely within the country of Canada, the superior and Huron lakes are not entirely in the country it shared most part with the United States.

Province/Territory: NWT (Northwest Territories)

Area (km²): 31,080


2. Huron

Huron Lake can hold 3,540 cubic kilometers of water at 176 meter elevation. It is 332 km long and 295 km wide, maximum depth of the lake is around 229 meters, total length of shoreline 6159 km including islands. The lake lie between Canada and United States.

Province/Territory: Ontario

Area (km²): 59,600


1. Superior

Superior is the largest Continental lake in Canada and in the World at the surface area of 82,414 sq km. it is 616 km long and 257 km wide with 406 in depth. The lake lies in Canada and United States which 28,749 sq km of surface part of Canada, the lake fed by over 200 rivers including.

Province/Territory: Ontario

Area (km²): 82,414