15 Richest Countries in the Continent of Africa

Here, the listed Richest Countries based on the Government income of the whole country, not Per capita, perfectly ranked by GDP at PPP (Purchasing Power Parity) is according to the International Monetary Fund of the recent figure. Africa is one of the largest continents in the world with many countries most of them are with low GDP, there only a few are looks good in Income comparing to other richest countries in the world. The GDP is shown here in billions of International dollars on the year of 2012,13 and 14 data. South Africa’s total GDP value is around 555 billion dollars as on 2011 and it holds the first rank in Richest Countries in the Continent of Africa. The total GDP of the Continent is about 3 trillion and 129 billion dollars in the survey of 2011 every including 54 countries in Africa.

There are many countries in Africa in the level of developing including many undeveloped, Africa also the in the last position on development and economy as most of the country’s below average GDP, The list shows Rank along with World rank.

1. South Africa

World Rank: 25

Total GDP and Year: US $623 billion (2014)


2. Egypt

World Rank: 26

Total GDP: US $576 billion (2014)


3. Nigeria

World Rank: 30

Total GDP: US $522 billion (2014)


4. Algeria

World Rank: 47

Total GDP: US $272 billion (2012)


5. Morocco

World Rank: 57

Total GDP: US $181 billion (2013)


6. Angola

World Rank: 65

Total GDP: US $128 billion (2012)


7. Tunisia

World Rank: 67

Total GDP: US $115 billion (2014)


8. Ethiopia

World Rank: 69

Total GDP: US $109 billion (2012)


9. Ghana

World Rank: 72

Total GDP: US $97 billion (2014)


10. Libya

World Rank: 73

Total GDP: US $95 billion (2012)


11. Sudan

World Rank: 77

Total GDP: US $93 billion (2014)


12. Kenya

World Rank: 79

Total GDP: US $77 billion (2012)


13. Tanzania

World Rank: 2013

Total GDP: $73 billion (2012)


14. Cameroon

World Rank: 89

Total GDP: US $53 billion (2013)


15. Uganda

World Rank: 90

Total GDP: US $50 billion (2012)