20 Highest Railways in Europe

Europe is a popular tourist destination because to its gorgeous roads and fantastic rail excursions. Throughout Europe, the railway frequently goes through valleys, attractive villages, towns, and bridges of excellent architecture. Trains that are totally powered by electricity and may be deployed in any area. The Alps are a high mountain range in Europe that is home to some of the world’s highest railways. In Switzerland, France, and Spain, there are several high-altitude railways, as well as well-known tourist train lines.

The Jungfrau Railway, located in the Alps mountain range, is Europe’s tallest railway. Some part of the track is installed by the rack, and a 1,000 mm gauge track. Jungfraujoch is the highest peak in the Bernese Oberland and the station of the Jungfrau railway.

Gornergrat is the second highest railway in the world, and it is located at the Gornergrat’s last station. The Gornergrat’s peak is reached via the Gornergrat rack railway (a rocky ridge in the Pennine Alps). The Gornergrat railway, built with a rack railway, is Europe’s tallest open-air railway. The Zugspitze, at 2,650 meters, is the third highest peak in the Zugspitze range, and it is located just below the Zugspitze peak’s top.

The following are the world’s tallest railways, all of which are above 1800 metres above sea level. The Pilatus railway is the world’s steepest rack railway, covering 4.6 kilometres from Alpnachstad to the terminal.

RankRailwayHighest PointCountryHighest Point
1JungfrauJungfraujochSwitzerland3,454 m
(11,332 ft)
2GornergratGornergratSwitzerland3,090 m
(10,138 ft)
3ZugspitzeSchneefernerhausGermany2,650 m
(8,694 ft)
4Mont BlancNid d'AigleFrance2,372 m
(7,782 ft)
5BerninaOspizio BerninaSwitzerland, Italy2,253 m
(7,392 ft)
6Brienz–RothornBrienz–RothornSwitzerland2,244 m
(7,362 ft)
7RiffelalpRiffelalp ResortSwitzerland2,222 m
(7,290 ft)
8Furka Cogwheel SteamFurka railway stationSwitzerland2,163 m
(7,096 ft)
9PilatusPilatusSwitzerland2,073 m
(6,801 ft)
10Lauterbrunnen–Kleine Scheidegg–GrindelwaldKleine ScheideggSwitzerland2,061 m
(6,762 ft)
11Andermatt–ChurOberalp PassSwitzerland2,043 m
(6,703 ft)
12Montreux–Glion–Rochers-de-NayeRochers de NayeSwitzerland1,968 m
(6,457 ft)
13Schynige PlatteSchynige PlatteSwitzerland1,967 m
(6,453 ft)
14Vall de NuriaNuriaSpain1,964 m
(6,444 ft)
15ArtousteStation d'ArtousteFrance1,940 m
(6,365 ft)
16MontenversHotel du MontenversFrance1,913 m
(6,276 ft)
17Les Montuires–EmossonLes MontuiresSwitzerland1,822 m
(5,978 ft)
18AlbulaAlbula TunnelSwitzerland1,820 m
(5,971 ft)
19Cercedilla-CotosCotos Railway stationSpain1,818 m
(5,965 ft)
20Bex–Villars–BretayeBretayeSwitzerland1,806 m
(5,925 ft)

Facts to Know

  • The Alps are a massive mountain range with hundreds of trains running through it.
  • Over a hundred railways run over 1,000 metres. Only the Jungfrau and Gornergrat railways are over 3,000 metres.
  • Due to the difficulty of building tracks in hilly terrain, several railway routes were built underground.
  • Snowdrift and the seasonal snow, which occurs at 2,000 to 3,000 metres in the Alps, make it impossible to run the train.
  • Outside of the Alps, the Vall de Nuria railway is the highest in the Pyrenees mountain range.
  • Switzerland is home to many, even the top 11 of the highest railways located in Switzerland.

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