20 World’s Longest and Largest Rivers

River measurements contain a variety of parameters such as source, mouth, and trip. The river travels from high to low altitudes before merging with the ocean. The path of the river through valleys, mountains, plains, and forests. The longest rivers are usually produced by thousands of streams and tributaries.

There is a discussion about whether the river is the world’s longest, the Nile or the Amazon. According to some professional analyses, the Amazon is the world’s longest river. In any case, the Nile is officially the world’s longest river, with major water sources in Egypt and Sudan. The Amazon River is the world’s biggest river, with a watershed area of 7.4 million square kilometers.

Nile river in Cairo, Egypt, Image by Remon Samuel from Pixabay

1. Nile River

The Nile River is the world’s longest, flowing through 11 countries: Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kenya, Ethiopia, Eritrea, South Sudan, and Egypt. The two main tributaries are the White and Blue Niles, which are considered the principal streams.

Water Basin: 3,400,000 km2
Length: 6,650 Km (4232 Miles)

2. Amazon River

Amazon, most well-known and vital river. It has the greatest water flow, with a discharge volume of around 209,000 cubic meters per second. The river flows across three countries: Brazil, Colombia, and Peru. The Amazon River contains approximately 1,100 tributaries, with 17 of them running for more than 1500 kilometers.

Water Basin: 7,050,000 km2
Length: 6,400 Km

3. Yangtze River

The Yangtze, the whole river that runs through China, is Asia’s biggest river. It passes through several famous Chinese towns as well as various scenery such as rain forests, deserts, valleys, Rocky Mountains, and Icy Places. The Yangtze River is the most important river in China for people and the economy.

Water Basin: 1,808,500 km2
Length: 6,300 Km

4. Mississippi-Missouri River System

Over 98.5 % of the River system is in the United States, 1.5% in Canada. The Three Rivers, notably the Mississippi (3,767 km), Missouri (3,766 km), and Jefferson (83 miles) form a total length of 6,275 km.

Water Basin: 1,151,000 and 529,350 km2
Length: 6,275 Km

5. Yenisei–Angara–Selenge River System

The Yenisei River, which is mostly in Russia and only 2.9 percent in Mongolia, empties into the Kara Sea, and its primary tributaries are the Angara and Selenge rivers.

Water Basin: 2,580,000km2
Length: 5,539 Km

6. Yellow River

Yellow river which originates in the Bayan Har Mountains and runs through nine states, is also wholly in China. It is Asia’s second-largest river after the Yangtze.

Water Basin: 752,000 km2
Length: 5,464 Km

7. Ob–Irtysh

The Ob River in Russia and the Irtysh River, which runs through Russia, Kazakhstan, China, and Mongolia, established a world record for the eighth-longest river.

Water Basin: 2,990,000 km2
Length: 5,410 Km

8. Parana – Rio de la Plata

Rio de la Plata is the river’s outflow, and the drainage basin is shared by Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia, and Uruguay.

Water Basin: 2,582,672 km2
Length: 4,880 Km

9. Congo–Chambeshi

This river runs through several Central African nations before merging with the Atlantic Ocean. As the second-longest river on the African continent, it has been vital for people and transportation for hundreds of years.

Water Basin: 3,680,000 km2
Length: 4,700 Km

10. Amur–Argun River

It merges into the Sea of Okhotsk and is bordered by Russia, China, and Mongolia. The river has several tributaries, including Shika, Zeya, Ergune, and Huma, and the fish named Kaluga has the highest number.

Water Basin: 1,855,000 km2
Length: 4,444 Km

11. Lena

Water Basin: 2,490,000 km2
Length: 4,400 Km

location: Russia

12. Mekong

Water Basin: 810,000 km2
Length: 4,350 Km

location: China, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam

13. Mackenzie–Slave–Peace–Finlay River system

Water Basin: 1,790,000 km2
Length: 4,240 Km

location: Canada

14. Niger

Water Basin: 2,090,000 km2
Length: 4,200 Km

location: Nigeria, Mali, Niger, Algeria, Guinea, Cameroon, Burkina Faso

15. Murray–Darling

Water Basin: 1,061,000 km2
Length: 3,672 Km

location: Australia

16. Tocantins–Araguaia

Water Basin: 950,000 km2
Length: 3,650 Km

location: Brazil

17. Volga

Water Basin: 1,380,000 km2
Length: 3,645 km

location: Russia

18. Shatt al-Arab – Euphrates

Water Basin: 884,000 km2
Length: 3,590 Km

location: Iraq, Turkey, Syria

19. Madeira–Mamore–Grande–Caine–Rocha

Water Basin: 1,485,200 km2
Length: 4,380 Km

location: Brazil, Bolivia, Peru

20. Purus

Water Basin: 63,166 km2
Length: 3,211 Km
location: Brazil, Peru