25 Poorest Countries in the Continent of Africa

Africa is the large content and consists of many countries most of them are economically not well, every country GDP changes each year with some improvement in economy especially in African countries, here the data shows 25 Countries which are lower GDP per capita, the ranking analyzed on GDP (Gross Domestic Product) per Capita on the recent official sources. Here 25 Poorest countries listed below with the income sources from Agriculture, Industry and Services. Africa is the large continent which consists of many Countries with the low economic background, and many poorest countries in the world are in the African continent.

25. Chad

Source: Agriculture – 50%, Industry – 7%, Services –42%
Currency: CFA franc
GDP per Capita: US $1,600
Chad Flag

24. Zambia

Source: Agriculture – 19%, Industry – 33%, Services – 46%
Currency: Zambian kwacha
GDP per Capita: US $1,500
Zambia Flag

23. Benin

Source: Agriculture – 33%, Industry – 14%, Services – 52%
Currency: CFA franc
GDP per Capita: US $1,500
Benin Flag

22. Tanzania

Source: Agriculture – 42%, Industry – 18%, Services – 40%
Currency: Tanzanian shilling
GDP per Capita: US $1,400
Tanzania Flag

21. Uganda

Source: Agriculture – 23%, Industry – 24%, Services – 51%
Currency: Ugandan shilling
GDP per Capita: US $1,300
Uganda Flag

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