25 Richest Countries in Europe – Wealthiest European Countries

Many developed countries found in Europe. Europe is the 6th largest continent in the World, home to 47 small countries and covered hardly 6.8% of Earth’s land area. Europe’s contribution to innovation, technology, and architecture is enormous. Over 500 years of changes in Engineering, Technology, literature, Medical made the continent No.1. Utmost of the countries in Europe have a high Human Development Index (HDI). Europe has gained international respect for its products including engineering, services, technology. Germany is one of the richest countries by total income (GDP on PPP) with 3.37 trillion US$. European countries have high per capita income except for some countries. The below list of 25 countries per capita income mentioned in US$ (United States Dolar).

25. Czech Republic

Pizen, Czech republic
Photo by Klaus Leidorf via Flickr

The Czech Republic is located in central Europe, the capital city is Prague. The country population is 10.5 million with density 134 per sq km. It covered an area of 78,866 sq km. The total GDP (Nominal) of the country is US$ 189.9 billion.
GDP per capita: US$ 19,470
Currency: Czech koruna

24. Greece

Oia, Greece
Photo by Yoann JEZEQUEL via Flickr

Greece is located in southeastern Europe with populations of 10.8 million at a density of 82 per sq km. The economy of Greece has weakened due to the financial crisis in 2010 that affected the income of the people in Greece.

GDP per capita: US$ 21,414
Currency: Euro


Porto, Portugal
Photo by Nailton Barbosa via Flickr

43rd richest country in the world by GDP (nominal) with US$ 204.18 billion. The main source of income from including Tourism, Science, Technology, Energy, and Telecommunication.

GDP per capita: US$ 22,122
Currency: Euro

22. Slovenia

Piran, Slovenia
Photo by Been Around via Flickr

A beautiful country situated in central Europe, the mountainous region. At US$ 65 billion GDP, it has a good income per capita. Slovenia benefits from a workforce of the well-educated people. Infrastructure. Energy, tourism, and transportation are the main sectors where money flowing for Slovenia.

GDP per capita: US$ 23,954
Currency: Euro

21. Malta

Photo by Marco M. via Flickr

Malta is one of the small countries in Europe, located in Southern Europe. Malta covered an area of 316 sq km. And holds a population of around 445,426 at the density of 1410 per sq km making it most densely populated country. The economy of the country rising by Banking, Tourism, Communication, science and technology.

GDP per capita: US$ 25,222
Currency: Euro

20. Spain

Cazoria, Spain
Photo by Richard McManus via Flickr

By area, Spain is the fourth largest country in Europe. By GDP (nominal), with US$ 1.2 trillion, the 12th richest country in the world. It is a member state of the European Union

GDP per capita: US$ 29,861
Currency: Euro

19. Italy

Capri Town, Italy
Photo by Moyan Brenn via Flickr

Rome, the popular city and is the capital of Italy, and awesome landscapes and best architectures found here. In 2015 estimation, it has a population of 60.5 million. By GDP (nominal), It is the 8th richest country with $1.848 trillion. Italy’s main source of revenue from outsourcing, infrastructure, science and technology,

GDP per capita: US$ 35,812
Currency: Euro

18. France

Lyon, France
Photo by Jérémy via Flickr

Paris, the capital and a popular tourist place in the world. It has a rich history of art, science, and philosophy. Nowadays, one of the notable countries in the world. The source of income from Tourism, Energy, Transportation, science and agriculture products.

GDP per capita: US$ 42,820
Currency: Euro, CFT franc

17. Andorra

Andorra la Vella
Photo by CESAR VIELBA via Flickr

By area, Andorra is one of the smallest countries in Europe, with 468 sq km. The GDP (nominal) of the country with $4.5 billion. Around 10 million tourists visit annually and the tourism accounts for nearly 80% of GDP.

GDP per capita: US$ 45,033
Currency: Euro

16. United Kingdom

Wales, United Kingdom
Photo by Ross Evans via Flickr

UK has a fifth-largest economy in the world and largest in Europe, with a GDP of $2.8 trillion. The United Kingdom has improved human development index and gained international respect for their technology, science and economics.

GDP per capita: US$ 46,461
Currency: Pound sterling