25 Richest Countries in Europe – Wealthiest European Countries

5. Switzerland

Source: idiva.com

Switzerland, a country of awesome landscapes, lakes, mountainous ranges, is located in central Europe. As one of the top tourist destination, millions of people’s visit to Switzerland annually. The highest watch producer in the world. Banking, Technology and Engineering are the main sectors and primary income source.

GDP per capita: US$ 85,374
Currency: Swiss franc

4. Norway

Source: pointsandtravel.com

Norway, mostly situated on coastal of northwestern Europe. Here, beautiful landscapes found everywhere. Norway has an extensive reserve of minerals, natural gas, seafood, fresh water and petroleum. The petroleum industry accounts for a quarter of Norway’s GDP.

GDP per capita: US$ 97,226
Currency: Norwegian krone

3. Luxembourg

Source: visitluxembourg.com

Luxembourg is located in western Europe, a third richest country in Europe by per Capita on GDP (nominal). It has advanced technology and a high per capita income. The government supports business start-ups including most of the areas.

GDP per capita: US$ 116,560
Currency: Euro

2. Liechtenstein

Source: goldencompass.co.uk

Liechtenstein is microstate and the second richest in Europe, covered area of 160 sqr km and population with 37,340 at the density of 227 per sq km. The total income of the country is $5.155 billion (Nominal). At 1.5%, The unemployment rate of the country is low.

GDP per capita: US$ 143,000
Currency: Swiss franc

1. Monaco

Source: fassinoimmobiliare.com

Monaco is a microstate and city-state. According to the United Nations, Monaco is the Richest country in Europe and in the world. It is one of the smallest countries by area, with 2.2 sq km. It has a population of 37,831, with a density of 18,713 per sqr km in the year 2013. Monaco’s total income about $5.424 billion (GDP-Nominal).

GDP per capita: US$ 168,000
Currency: Euro