Highest & Lowest Attainable Transportation in Europe

Europe comprises numerous mountain ranges and majestic geographical features. The construction of transportation at high altitude is very tough and it will take a triple time to complete. Klein Matterhorn cable car lift is the highest reachable transportation in Europe. The ranking of highest and lowest transportation including Road, Cable Car, Train, Funicular and Tunnel.

Highest attainable by transportation

1. Klien Matterhorn Cable Car Lift

Highest reachable transport in Europe, located in the Klien Matterhorn peak of the Pennine Alps. The cable car construction was started in 1976 and completed in 1979. At present, over half a million passengers visiting each year, through the route of the cable car from Zermatt, via Furi and Trockener Steg.

Coordinates: 45°56′18″N 7°43′47″E
Location: Zermatt, Valais, Switzerland
Highest Point: 3,883 metres (12,736 feet)

2. The Metro Alpin Funicular

Photo by Lewis Bevan via Flickr

The highest funicular in the world. Also, the entire track fully underground. The track leading to Mittelallalin, a peak and a popular place for Skiing and mountain climbing. In the winter, thousands of people travelling.

Coordinates: 46°03′28″N 7°54′18″E
Location: Valais, Switzerland
Highest Point: 3,456 metres (11,339 feet)

3. Bernina Train Pass

Photo by Carsten Weigel via Flickr

It is a high mountain pass in Bernina range, this pass is crossed by a popular tourist train, the route ends in the town of Tirano in Italy.

Coordinates: 46°24.744′N 10°1.71′E
Location: Graubunden, Switzerland
Highest Point: 2,253 metres ( 7390 feet)

4. Sierra Nevada Road

Photo by Jose Luis Ogea via Flickr

Veleta is one of the peaks in the Sierra Nevada and the road located in Veleta. The road links from Granada to the Western Alpujarras. The Sierra Nevada road takes just 10 metres below the summit of the Veleta peak. A popular peak for Ski sports.

Coordinates: 37°3′24″N 3°21′57″W
Location: Granada, Andalucia, Spain
Highest Point: 3,300 metres (10,827 feet)

5. Otztal Glacier Road

The road opened to service in 1972 and around 13.5 kilometres long. The Otztal Glacier road also goes through a tunnel at the highest point (at the southern end of the tunnel). It is the second-highest paved road and also the second-highest road tunnel in Europe. It is the road from Solden to the Rettenbach glacier and Tiefenbachferner glacier. The transportation ends at Gaislachkogelbahn cable car station.

Coordinates: 46°55′29″N 10°56′40″E
Location: Solden, Austria
Highest Point: 2,830 metres (9,285 feet)

6. Col de l’Iseran Mountain Pass Road

Photo by Frodeturer via Flickr

A mountains pass road in the Graian Alps. The road is famous for Cycling and the mountain is for Ski Sports during the summer months. The road contains a number of galleries and tunnels. The Col de l’Iseran is the highest paved road in France. There are many Ski Resorts in and around the mountains.

Coordinates: 45°25′1″N 07°01′51″E
Location: Savoie, France
Highest Point: 2,770 metres (9,090 feet)

Lowest attainable by transportation

1. Eiksund Tunnel

Photo by European Roads via Flickr

Eiksund Tunnel is opened in 2008, 7.9 km long and 10 meters wide with 3 lanes. It is one of the longest and deepest undersea tunnel in the world. The tunnel connects to several islands. Nearly 3,000 vehicles run through this tunnel every day, even though projected 1,000 vehicles per day.

Coordinates: 62.2182°N 5.9862°E
Location: More og Romsdal, Norway
Highest Point: 287 metres (942 feet)