15 Highest Mountains in Europe

Europe is the continent consists of many countries. The continent is full of awesome landscapes, hilly terrain, and ice-capped mountains. Mountain ranges and highlands can be found everywhere in Europe. The Caucasus and Alps are the mountain massif ranges include many highest mountains and spread on many European countries. Here, the rank of Highest Mountains by elevation (height from sea level), the highest point of the mountain.

15. Coma Pedrosa

Coma Pedrosa
Photo by ombelets david Via Flickr

Coma Pedrosa is the highest mountain in Andorra and popular tourist destination. It is surrounded by peaks and beautiful valleys. Coma Pedrosa located in Parish of La Massana in Andorra, with 434 m prominence.

Elevation: 2,942 m
Country: Andorra

14. Zugspitze

Photo by ktischlinger Via Flickr

Zugspitze, the highest mountain in Germany located between Austria and Germany. its prominence is 1,746 meters, and surrounded by beautiful scenery with the green trap. It was first climbed by Josef Naus in 1820. Three cable cars installed to reach the top of the Zugspitze and average 500,000 people transport to the summit every year.

Elevation: 2,962 m
Country: Austria, Germany

13. Mulhacen

Photo by allynhalley Via Flickr

Mulhacen lies in Granada in Spain, within the beautiful region. It is the part of the Sierra Nevada, Prominence 3,285 m. Mulhacen is positioned entirely outside of the Caucasus Mountains and the Alps.

Elevation: 3,478.6 m
Country: Spain

12. Grossglockner

Photo by Pascal78 Via Flickr

Grossglockner mountain lies between Carinthia and East Tyrol in Austria, the highest mountain in Austria with its prominence of 2,423 m. It consists of two pinnacles and pyramid-shaped peak.

Elevation: 3,798 m
Country: Austria

11. Bazarduzu

Mount Bazarduzu
Photo by Graham Via Flickr

Mount Bazarduzu is located in the Greater Caucasus range on the border between Russia and Azerbaijan with the prominence of 2,454 m. It is the highest peak in Azerbaijan.

Elevation: 4,466 m
Country: Azerbaijan, Russia

10. Dom

Dom Mountain
Photo by Johnw Via Wikipedia

Dom mountain is the second highest in Switzerland, first ascent in 1858 and its prominence is 1,046 m. Dom located in the Pennine Alps, the Dom mountain massif located entirely in Switzerland.

Elevation: 4,545 m
Country: Switzerland

9. Monte Rosa

Monte Rosa
Photo by Nadia Kushnir Via Panoramio

Monte Rosa is an ice-covered mountain massif, located in the eastern part of the Pennine Alps lies between Switzerland and Italy nations. This mountain massif forms vertical and biggest vertical mountain in Europe and it has many slopes. There are around 17 peaks considered to be part of the Monte Rosa massif.

Elevation: 4,634 m
Country: Switzerland, Italy

8. Ushba

Ushba Peak -Spire-Shaped
Photo by Kamil Ghais Via Flickr

Ushba is one of the highest mountains in the Svaneti region of Georgia and bordered by Russia. It is a spire-shaped beautiful mountain, considered as the hardest ascent on the Caucasus range by expert climbers. The first ascent in 1903 by B. Ricmer-Rickmers. Northeast Ridge is the easiest route to climb.

Elevation: 4,710 m
Country: Georgia

7. Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc
Photo by cohensharli Via Panoramio

Mont Blanc, also known as Monte Blanco is the second-highest peak in Europe by prominence (4696 m) after Mount Elbrus. It is located between two countries in Aosta Valley, Italy and Haute-Savote in France.

Elevation: 4,808.73 m
Country: Italy, France

6. Mount Kazbek

Mount Kazbek
Photo by Makalu Jerzy Ogonows via Panoramio

Mount Kazbek is located in the Kazbegi district of Georgia. The prominence height is 2,353 m, is the third highest mountain in Georgia, and second highest volcanic summit in the Caucasus.

Elevation: 5,047 m
Country: Georgia

5. Janga Mountain

Janga Mountain
Photo by Alewa Via Wikimapia

Janga mountain is one of the highest points of the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range, located in between Georgia and Russia. The most part of the mountain heavily glaciated. The prominence is 335 m.

Elevation: 5,051 m
Country: Georgia, Russia

4. Mount Ararat

Mount Ararat
Photo by Yerevan via Wikipedia

Mount Ararat is the fourth highest mountain in Europe, located in the Armenian Highland in Turkey with a prominence elevation of 3,611 m. Mount Ararat is the highest peak in Georgia and the massif is about 40 km in diameter.

Elevation: 5,137 m
Country: Georgia

3. Shkhara

Photo by Sergey Romanenkov via Panoramio

Shkhara located in the Svaneti region in the Caucasus mountain range. This mountain first climbed in 1888 by U.Almer, J. Cockin, and C. Roth. The prominence height is 1,357 m. The north face located on the Russian side and has several routes to climb.

Elevation: 5,193 m
Country: Turkey

2. Dychtau

Photo by Leoleoo via Panoramio

Dychtau is located in the Caucasus Mountains in Kabardino-Balkaria in Russia. The second highest mountains in Europe with the prominence of 2,002 m. The first ascent by Mummery and Zarfluh in 1988.

Elevation: 5,205 m
Country: Russia

1. Mount Elbrus

Photo by RamaReddy Vogireddy via Panoramio

Mount Elbrus is the highest mountains in Europe. it is a part of the Caucasus Mountains in Southern Russia with two summits west summit (5,642 m), East summit (5,621 m). Mount Elbrus is the tenth most prominent (4,741 m) peak in the world.

Elevation: 5,642 m
Country: Russia