25 Longest Rivers in Europe

Europe is the Small Continent with many rich countries, and rich natural diversity as well. There are hundreds of rivers in the continent, many of them rises in Russia (Euro-Russia). Longest and largest river are merged into the Sea and there are also many longest and largest rivers which merge into major rivers, called Tributaries. Europe is cool, icy place and some part of Russia called Euro-Asia many of the rivers rises here. 25 longest rivers in Europe, measured officially.

25. Neman


The Neman is a major European river, originates in Southwest of Minksk in Belarus at 176 meters, and merges in Baltic Sea in Curonian Lagoon, west of Silute in Lithuania.

Length: 914 km
Drainage area (km2): 98,200
Outflow: Baltic Sea
Countries (In the drainage basin): Belarus, Lithuania, Russia

24. Sava

Sava River

The Sava is the river originates in Zelenci, In Kranjsk Gora, Slovenia at 833 meters. there are many cities along Sava river bank, many tributaries. It merges to Danube River in Belgrade in Serbia.

Length: 940 km
Drainage area (km2): 97,713
Outflow: Danube River
Countries (In the drainage basin): Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia

23. Prut

Prut River

The Prut is the river in Eastern Europe, it originates on the eastern slope of the Mount Hoveria in the Carpathian Mountains in Ukraine, and merge to Danube river (a second longest river in Europe).

Length: 953 km
Drainage area (km2): 27,500
Outflow: Danube River
Countries (In the drainage basin): Ukraine, Romania, Moldova

22. Tisza

Tisza river

The Tisza is the main river of Hungary as it entirely flowed within the kingdom of Hungary, it begins in near Rashiv in Ukraine and water source from Eastern Carpathians (2,020 meters) in Ukraine.

Length: 965 km
Drainage area (km2): 156,087
Outflow: Black Sea
Countries (In the drainage basin): Ukraine, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Serbia

21. Khoper

Khoper River

The Khoper, also called Khopyor is the biggest left tributary of the Don river, its average discharge is 5,300 cu ft/s, it merges to Don river ( the fifth longest river in Europe). its mouth width is 300 meters.

Length: 1,010 km
Drainage area (km2): 61,100
Outflow: Don River
Countries (In the drainage basin): Russia

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