25 Longest Rivers in Europe

20. Loire

Loire river

The Loire is the longest and one of the major river in France, it rises in the southeastern quarter of the Massif Central in Ardeche at 1,350 meters, it merges in the Atlantic ocean in Saint-Nazaire in France.

Length: 1,012 km
Drainage area (km2): 115,271
Outflow: Atlantic Ocean
Countries (In the drainage basin): France

19. Daugava

Daugava River

The Daugava river starts in Valdai Hills (221 meters) in Russia, end in Gulf Riga in Baltic Sea in Latvia. The river flows through three countries including 325 km in Russia, 338 km in Belarus, and 352 km in Latvia.

Length: 1,020 km
Drainage area (km2): 87,900
Outflow: Gulf of Riga
Countries (In the drainage basin): Belarus, Latvia, Russia

18. Tagus

Tagus River

The Tagus river rises in Montes Universales, Aragon in Spain at the elevation of 1,593 meters and merges to Atlantic ocean near Lisbon in Portugal. It has many tributaries, and it is the longest river on the Iberian Peninsula.

Length: 1,038 km
Drainage area (km2): 80,100
Outflow: The Atlantic Ocean near
Countries (In the drainage basin): Spain, Portugal

17. Vistula

Vistula River

The Vistula is the largest and longest river in Poland, it begins in Barania Gora (elevation 1,106 meters) in Poland and ends in Baltic Sea, near Swilbno in Poland. Its main tributaries are Nida, Pilica, Bzura, Brda, Wda, Dunajec, Wisloka, San, Wieprz, Narew and Drweca.

Length: 1,047 km
Drainage area (km2): 194,424
Outflow: Baltic Sea
Countries (In the drainage basin): Poland

16. Donets

Donets River

The Donets river rises in Prokhorovsky district (elevation 200 meters) in Belgorod oblast in Russia, is the fourth longest river in Ukraine and largest river in eastern Ukraine, also the largest tributary of Don river. This river flows within forest and home for Animals and birds.

Length: 1,050 km
Drainage area (km2): 98,900
Outflow: Don River
Countries (In the drainage basin): Ukraine, Russia

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