10 Poorest Countries in Europe

Europe consists of many economically developed and some weak countries. Interestingly, the countries listed below are not the poorest, it is economically low as the income far high comparing to…

List of Countries in Europe (Continent)

There are 50 nations in Europe, including six countries with restricted recognition and six transcontinental countries. Eurasia is a group of countries lying between Europe and Asia, some countries between…

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20 Highest Mountains in Switzerland

Switzerland is a country in Central Western Europe. The Pennine Alps range contains many of Switzerland's highest mountains, with 14 of the country's 20 highest mountains located in Valais canton. There…

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15 Highest Mountains in Europe

Europe is a continent that consists of many countries. The continent is filled with breathtaking scenery, steep terrain, and ice-capped mountains. Mountains and hills may be found all over Europe.…

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25 Longest Rivers in Europe

Europe is a tiny continent with many affluent countries and a varied¬†landscape. The continent is home to hundreds of rivers, many of which originate in Russia (Euro-Russia). The region where…

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14 Heaviest Living Birds on Earth

Many of the heaviest birds are flightless, and there are thousands of species of birds on the planet that range in form, color, behavior, size, and unique feathers. We've only…