15 World’s Largest Cruise Ships in Service

Cruise ships are often built for leisure, tourism, and those who want to travel for pleasure. Furthermore, cruise ships are big and offer a variety of entertainment options to entice…

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13 World’s heaviest living reptiles

Crocodiles, lizards and snakes, Plesiosaurs, Ichthyosaurs, Tuataras, Turtles, and Pterosaurs are among the list's heaviest reptiles. Crocodile species are heavier than other reptiles. The Saltwater Crocodile (7 meters long and…

10 World’s Best Beach Cities to Travel

Tourists go to coastal cities because they have beaches, boating, fishing, and other recreation activities.  The finest beach cities in the world are generally defined as clean and beautiful beaches,…

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10 Deepest Points in the ocean on Earth

The deepest points on earth are found in various parts of the seas on earth; the deepest points have been discovered and are continually being investigated by explorers; nevertheless, there…

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10 Best Combat Rifles Ever Made

Rifles are a current generation's combat weapon. It's designed of tough metal and uses cutting-edge technology to hit a precise target. Thousands of rifle types have been produced by various…

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