10 Poorest Countries in Europe

Europe consists of many economically developed and some weak countries. Interestingly, countries listed below are not poorest you could call it economically low as the income far high comparing to the world’s poorest countries. Here the list, based on the per capita GDP (PPP), usually dividing the country’s total GDP by the population. The ranks based on the country’s development.

10. Serbia

Zemun, Serbia
Photo by Michal Sleczek Via Flickr

Currency: Serbian dinar
GDP per capita: US$ 7,199

9. Belarus

Minsk Belarus

Currency: Belarusian ruble
GDP per capita: US$ 6,372

8. Macedonia

Thessaloniki Macedonia
Photo by Carlo Tancredi Via Flickr

Currency: Macedonian denar
GDP per capita: US$ 6,143

7. Bosnia and Herzegovina

Travnik, Bosnia and Herzegovia
Photo by Ferry Vermeer Via Flickr

Currency: Bosnia and Herzegovina convertible mark
GDP per capita: US$ 5,917

6. Albania

Gjirokaster, Albania
Photo by bilwander Via Flickr

Currency: Albanian lek
GDP per capita: US$ 5,261

5. Azerbaijan

Baku, Azerbaijan
Photo by Victor Yastrebov Via Flickr

Currency: Azerbaijani manat
GDP per capita: US$ 4,586

4. Georgia

Tbilisi, Georgia
Photo by Been Around Via Flickr

Currency: Georgian lari
GDP per capita: US$ 4,505

3. Armenia

Norarus Village, Armenia
Photo by Lotusc Via Flickr

Currency: Noah’s Ark silver coins, Armenian dram
GDP per capita: US$ 4,446

2. Moldova

Bardaru, Laloveni, Moldova
Photo by David Davidson Via Flickr

Currency: Moldovan leu
GDP per capita: US$ 3,226

1. Ukraine

lviv in ukraine

Currency: Noah’s Ark silver coins, Armenian dram
GDP per capita: $3,133

Note: Europe is the Continent with many economically developed countries. The poorest country’s income starts with US$ 3,133 (2018 estimate) per Capita (Ukraine), second with US$ 3,226 (Moldova). The income of Moldova is fair compared to World’s poorest country income per capita which starts with US$ 226 (Malawi).